A plushy shark ate my Stella!

Theraflu tastes horrible, but it’s surprisingly effective at keeping this cold from kicking my ass.

I took this picture yesterday at a pawn shop near my place. Are we sure this isn’t some very experimental marketing for the Strain?


How is this still a thing?

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Netflix is judging me…#netflix #stahp #criminalminds #idowhatiwant

The Black Keys are somewhere down there - rocking the house. (at TD Garden)

Cage the Elephant is somewhere down there.

The T was full of Black Keys and Cage the Elephant fans!

Lowell squirrels don’t stock up on nuts, they stock up on slices of pizza…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎶When Sam Adams’ starts selling there best f$@& beer🎶It’s the most wonderful time🎶Of the year🎶