It took a lot of will power to walk away from this display… #oreos :-(

A few more pics from today. #LowellFolkFestival #Lowell 

The Sun Building in Lowell, MA. Trying to improve my photography skills. Still a work in progress. 

NBC News alerts are getting a little cryptic. I hope the letter B is ok.

This is your squirrel on Subway. Please talk to your squirrel about addiction. #lowell

Nino the graffiti cat or more like me having fun with Photoshop. #catrevolution #catffiti

The award for saddest dog in a catalog goes to: this unamused little guy.

Merry Holidays and Happy XMas from Puerto Rico’s world famous Hacienda Monacillos.

The theme at Abracadabra is wicked awesome.